What performance tests must a good fireproof sleeve pass

2020-07-27 16:23

In the smelting industry, unprotected equipment and cables are easy to be sprayed by the electric furnace media on the slag, so that the outer rubber of the pipeline or cable hardened, causing brittle fracture. This requires the installation of fireproof sleeves for multiple protection.

Fireproof sleeve is woven from alkali free glass fiber yarn, which has the properties of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, electricity resistance, softness and so on. Temperature resistant up to 1300 Degrees Celsius, can effectively prevent molten iron, copper, aluminum and other high temperature molten spray, protect surrounding cables and equipment.


A high quality fireproof sleeve will undergo the following performance tests:

1, high temperature bending test, fire sleeve in 260℃ constant temperature furnace after heating for 48 hours without aging surface rupture or coating surface peeling phenomenon.

2. Low temperature bending test showed that the fire sleeve was heated in a constant temperature furnace at -70℃ for 1 hour without surface rupture or surface peeling.

3, coating test, fire sleeve through constant temperature furnace after continuous use of the test no surface detachment or dissolution phenomenon.

4. Combustion test, self-extinguishing and non-spontaneous combustion test.

It can be seen that no matter the chemical properties or physical and mechanical properties of fire sleeve are very good, no wonder it can be widely used.