Protective effect of quartz fiber sleeve on wire under high temperature environment

2020-08-01 16:07

Due to the particularity and inevitability of the industry, some enterprises have to deal with all kinds of high-temperature environment in their work, which makes some equipment always in a dangerous environment of high temperature. At this time, we need to do a protection measure for the line to ensure its normal work. Now the conventional protection is mainly quartz fiber casing woven with high bulkiness glass fiber.


Quartz fiber casing can stop molten iron, copper, aluminum melting splash, and is not affected by high temperature and fire damage, brought by the composite high strength with the surface wear resistance of aluminum base import non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the backing material, can make different size according to the specific environment, edge folding place with high temperature resistant double sewing thread, to ensure that the casing in the process of installing the overall strength and stability coefficient under the high temperature environment.

Quartz glass fiber in the fiber sleeve is mostly white, extremely individual glass fiber is milky white, weak yellow, according to their color and outer silicone to distinguish whether it is normal manufacturer of production, many manufacturers in the production in order to save costs, will be in glass fiber mixed with some other substances, such will greatly affect the thermal insulation casing and service life.