Fire prevention and flame retardant materials exhibition for buildingsFire prevention and flame reta

2020-08-01 16:13

CHINA FIRE EXPO organizing committee, guosen exhibition will jointly by the competent department of zhejiang provincial government, the relevant national association, and a number of units in relevant association around the city on March 27, 2020-29 in hangzhou international EXPO center held the "2020 CHINA international building FIRE protection and FIRE retardant materials (hangzhou) exhibition" is expected to have 300 brand enterprises at home and abroad with the most advanced building FIRE, flame retardant materials, emergency rescue, FIRE control products exhibition, exhibition area of 10000 square meters, professional purchaser is more than 20000 people.

Fire-proof boards and products: new fire-proof boards, fire-proof sealing materials, fire-retardant fabrics, fire-retardant products and components in public places, etc.;

Flame retardant material: flame retardant fabric, flame retardant chemical fiber, flame retardant plastic, flame retardant rubber, flame retardant wood material and flame retardant paper, etc.

Building fire water supply system: fire trench, steel pipe, pipe fittings, elbow, clamp, tee, valve, pump, hose, water tank, etc.

Smoke control and exhaust system: smoke outlet, fire valve, pipe, fan, outlet, controller, control cabinet, etc.

Fire doors and Windows: fire doors, fire rolls, fire door accessories, fire Windows, fire glass, smoke bar, fire ring, etc.

Intelligent evacuation system: control host, fire emergency power supply, fire emergency sign lamps, signs, fire detectors, etc.

Fire retardant coating: steel structure fire retardant coating, tunnel fire retardant coating, decorative fire retardant coating, cable fire retardant coating;

Aseismatic support: comprehensive pipeline aseismatic support, water pipe aseismatic support, cable bridge aseismatic support, wind pipe aseismatic support;

Automatic alarm system: detection and alarm system, fire linkage control system, combustible gas detection and alarm system, fire control system, etc.

Automatic fire extinguishing system: automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler system, kitchen automatic fire extinguishing device, gas fire extinguishing system, etc.

Building electrical system: electrical fire monitoring system, intelligent electricity system, building electrical equipment, building lightning protection and grounding, etc.

Wire and cable: fire-retardant (fire-resistant) cables, cable trough box, bus trough, cable fire bridge, fire material testing instruments, etc.