Turbocharger thermal insulation performance

2020-07-25 00:00

The high silicon oxygen winding strip is made of alkali free glass fiber yarn and coated with organic high temperature resistant silicone resin after high temperature treatment. High silicon oxygen winding belt has the properties of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, electricity resistance, softness and so on. The high silicon oxygen winding belt is mainly used in the cable insulation protection of high temperature places such as steel works, smelters, glass works, fire fighting equipment and large transformer places.

High silicon oxygen winding belt is widely used in high temperature areas of electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Heating zone cable, fluid pipeline, feed quick change joint, rolling zone roll table, rolling mill cable, tubing; Saw cut peripheral cables, tubing and joints; Ladle car cable covering and so on. The silicon dioxide fiber belt is processed by high-temperature inorganic fiber, and its softening point is close to 1700℃. It can be used for a long time under the environment of extreme high temperature and open fire within 1000℃. It has excellent characteristics such as high strength, high temperature resistance, fire loss resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation. There are plain weave, twill weave, satin weave and other three high silicon oxygen belt;

Product characteristics of silicon dioxide fiber tape

1. SiO2 content ≥96%;

2. The softening point is close to 1700℃, and can be exposed to 1000℃ high temperature open fire area for a long time;

3. Extremely low thermal conductivity; High silica glass fiber belt [Figure]

4. Stable chemical properties;

5. Good electrical insulation performance;

6. Non-asbestos products, pollution-free, harmless to human body